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Terms & Conditions


We can wear masks for balloon deliveries indoors and outdoors upon request.


At this time, we accept the following forms of payment:


Chase Quick Pay


Full payment is due upon booking for all orders under $300.00.

A 50% deposit is required to secure your balloon order for all orders over $300.00 - with the final balance due the week of your balloon delivery.

If you need a different option for payment, let us know. 


Balloon safety issues regarding Mylar or Foil balloons - ALL Mylar or Foil balloons must be weighted down. To prevent power outages, Illinois law states "it is illegal to release outdoors Mylar or Foil balloons or any balloons attached to Mylar ribbon." If these balloons become entangled in electrical lines they could cause a transformer to short, resulting in a possible Power outage to entire neighborhoods. 

Balloon safety issues regarding Latex balloons - warning to parents regarding children under the age of 8 years old. Children should not be left unattended with latex balloons. Inflated, un-inflated or broken latex balloons can become a choking hazard for young children and pets. Discard broken latex balloons immediately to avoid accidental suffocation. Adult supervision is required. 



We are based in Northbrook IL 60062.

$10.00 delivery fee for all local orders. Non local based on miles.

During the booking process you would have selected a delivery date and time. We'll confirm with you the day before delivery/install to make sure that you'll be ready for us the following day.

If you can not make your delivery date, please let us know asap. If we arrive and you're not home, we'll place your balloons at your door for drop off orders (weather permitting) and outdoor balloons will be set up as planned. 

If you have to cancel, we know it's for good reason.

If you want a full refund - you'll have to cancel at least 7 days before your celebration (before we order your special balloons).

If you're canceling within 7 days or less, we'll save your payment and apply it to a future order. 


Once a balloon order has left We Rise Balloons, we are not responsible for deflated, popped or damaged balloons. 

When booking, it is understood that We Rise Balloons is not liable for any injury caused by misuse of the balloon installation and/or delivery plastic bags, including but not limited to death, choking. 

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